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# yarn add toastify-simply-react


# npm install --save toastify-simply-react


A demo in live action is worth than million words. See Live Action

Available props list

See props list

How to use

It’s quiet simple

## With hooks

import {useToast, Toast} from "toastify-simply-react";

function MyComponent() {
    const [toast, toastRef] = useToast(); // generate toast and toastRef

    return (
            <button onClick={() => toast.primary("Hello!")}>show toast</button>

            <Toast ref={toastRef} /> // Toast component

## With functions

import {toastClass, toastFunction, Toast} from "toastify-simply-react";

class MyComponent extends Component{
    toastRef = toastClass(); // generate toastRef

    componentDidMount() {
        this.toast = toastFunction(toastRef); // generate toast

    render() {
        return (
                <button onClick={() => this.toast.primary("Hello!")}>show toast</button>

                <Toast ref={this.toastRef} /> // Toast component


Github Pages

Official Site



Financial Contribution

Contribute, if you like the work, you can support us


Code Contribution

# Ways to contribute

## by coding some stuff together
- Fork the repository from `master` branch
- Fixed the things in your branch or forked repo
- Generate the pull request back to `master` branch to this library

## raise an issue
- Create an issue [here](
- Add required labels to it
- Issue will be reviewed, fixed and released as per the priority


Any special requirement or feature will be handled at priority, with minimal financial assistance, you can email us directly and contribute here.

Release Notes

Latest release here

All releases here